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  • Starman_Andromeda

    This is a great Ida, but selecting the code does not work. If I select text well above the code, bring down the copy area, then focus it just on the code, I can select something. However, them resulting bookmarklet doesn’t work!

    Maybe you all could try it again. I’m using an iPad with iOS 8.4.1

  • Starman_Andromeda

    Solved it!

    Here’s the text you need to put in the URL field of the bookmark (put it into the SECOND field of the bookmark, not the first field which has the name of the bookmarklet). You want to replace the 2nd one that says


    That above bookmarklet converts ONLY THE TEXT, a very FAST process, a matter of seconds.

    Here’s what to paste if you wish to be prompted about whether to include the images on the page. That takes much LONGER and the files are much bigger. Note: the prompt is a small thin message appears at the top of the web page. There is also a small message “Conversion in progress” that appears there during the conversion.

    Finally, if anyone is running into problems with copying the bookmarklet from the website, where they say you can simply copy it–here’s what to do. Double tap in the field and the keyboard will come up. Then, tap once on some text, and the Select, Select All pop up menu will appear enabling you to copy it ALL. Hope this helps someone else!