Pinterest Bookmarklet for iPad

Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to setup the Pinterest bookmarklet on your Apple iPad.

We will need to create a bookmark and then go back and edit the bookmark to include the JavaScript code for the Pinterest bookmarklet. The steps that we will be following are similar to other tutorials on this site — only we will be inserting the code for Pinterest.

Install the Pinterest bookmarklet on the iPad

We will complete the following steps via the iPad.

Prepare your iPad & open this tutorial in mobile Safari

  • From your iPad, go to “Settings” and tap on “Safari.” Set Always Show Bookmarks Bar to “ON.” Set JavaScript to “ON.” Set Accept Cookies to “From visited.”
  • Next, open the Safari app and open this current page (go to and search for “Pinterest” and select the tutorial for the iPad).
  • Now copy the code in the section (Pinterest bookmarklet code)

Create a temporary bookmark in mobile Safari

Next, tap on the share icon (square with a right arrow) at the top of your Safari page and tap “Add Bookmark.” Ensure that it will be saving to the “Bookmarks Bar” and then hit “Save.”

Update the temporary bookmark with the code for the bookmarklet

  1. Now tap on the bookmark icon (open book) to pull up your bookmarks. Tap on the “Bookmarks Bar” folder. Then tap “Edit” in the top corner of your window.
  2. Select the bookmark that you just created. Change the name to something of your choice – perhaps ‘Pinterest’ or ‘Pin It’.
  3. Next, erase the URL shown and paste the bookmarklet code for Pinterest (press and hold, then release, then tap “Paste”).
  4. Hit “Bookmarks Bar” located in the bottom top left corner to go back. Tap “Done” located in the top right corner. Tap the bookmark icon to make it disappear.

Those are all the steps! You’ve now installed the Pinterest bookmarklet on your iPad.

Pinterest bookmarklet code

To copy the code below — press and hold on the code and then release; then adjust the blue overlay so it covers the entire code, and tap “Copy.”


Video Tutorial: How to Setup the Pinterest Bookmarklet on an Apple iPad

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  • mitch l

    Interessante Schritte, die es ermöglichen ein Anfänger zum navigieren, gut gemacht

  • Tara

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! I have been thinking
    for a few days to install Pinterest Pin It on my iPad. Now, with your help, I am able to
    install it.Thanks!

  • Grecia

    Before reading your article I had no idea what Pinterest was. Now, I understood the fact that Pinterest is an amazing and very useful application. I need it to organize my life.

  • Abigail

    This bookmarklet works great- except for the fact that my browser keeps freezing. I have an ipad1- do I need to update the OS or something?

  • Krparkerphd

    Great great great

  • Adania

    You guys are the BEST!!!! Because of you FINALLY, I am able to Pinit from my IPad!! :D

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    Thank you, easy peasy…

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  • kiwilady

    I followed this step for step but it hasn’t put a bookmarklet on top of my page, what went wrong?

    • Lorenzo Orlando Caum

      Be sure that you have bookmarks bar on. If not, then the pin it bookmark may have ended up somewhere else in your bookmarks.

  • Kim

    I followed the steps carefully, and tadahhh!!~ it’s done..:) Thanks! Really useful! ^^

  • Kindy De Pratique-Eco

    Vraiment top ce tutoriel je suis conquis

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  • Lisa

    Very helpful. Thanks!!

  • Deb W.

    Can not erase URL and paste new. Any suggestions?

    • Lorenzo Orlando Caum

      You have to save the original bookmark. Then go back and edit it afterwards.

  • Annika

    I needed this so bad! I found a recipe online and when I tapped the pin it button on the page it did a totally different picture! With this bookmarklet I was able to choose a picture! Yay. Thanks!

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