Evernote Bookmarklet for iPad

Evernote helps you remember everything.


In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to setup the Evernote bookmarklet on your Apple iPad.

We will need to create a bookmark and then go back and edit the bookmark to include the JavaScript code for the Evernote bookmarklet. The steps that we will be following are similar to other tutorials on this site — only we will be inserting the code for Evernote.

Install the Evernote bookmarklet on the iPad

We will complete the following steps via the iPad.

Prepare your Apple iPad & open this tutorial in mobile Safari

  • From your iPad, go to “Settings” and tap on “Safari.” Set Show Favorites Bar to “ON.” Set Block Cookies to “Never.” Tap “Advanced” and set JavaScript to “ON.”
  • Next, open the Safari app and open this current page (go to iosbookmarklets.com and search for “Evernote” and select the tutorial for the iPad).
  • Now copy the code in the section (Evernote bookmarklet code)

Create a temporary bookmark in mobile Safari

Next, tap on the share icon (square with arrow) at the top of your Safari page and tap “Bookmark.” Ensure that it will be saving to the “Favorites” and then tap “Save.”

Update the temporary bookmark with the code for the bookmarklet

  1. Now tap on the bookmark icon (open book) to pull up your bookmarks. Tap on the “Favorites” folder. Then tap “Edit” in the corner of your window.
  2. Select the bookmark that you just created. Change the name to something of your choice – perhaps ‘Evernote’ or ‘Evernote’.
  3. Next, erase the URL shown and paste the bookmarklet code for Evernote (press and hold, then release, then tap “Paste”).
  4. Tap “Favorites” located in the bottom top left corner to go back. Tap “Done” located in the corner. Tap the bookmark icon to make it disappear.

Those are all the steps! You’ve now installed the Evernote bookmarklet on your Apple iPad.

Evernote bookmarklet code

To copy the code below — press and hold on the code and then release; then adjust the blue overlay so it covers the entire code, and tap “Copy.”


Video Tutorial: How to Setup the Evernote Bookmarklet on an Apple iPad

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I use Evernote throughout the week on my Mac, iPhone, and iPad. If you want to learn Evernote fast and become a pro — I recommend Evernote Essentials.

Learn Evernote quickly with Evernote Essentials

Image credit: Evernote.com; Brett Kelly
Bookmarklet code credit: http://evernote.com/webclipper/

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  • AccurateMaps

    Very useful. Quick and easy to follow instructions. Thanks, Lorenzo!

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  • Alberto Carranza


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  • charles

    This is too big for iphone 5, how can I modify it to fit?

    • http://enzo12.com Lorenzo Orlando Caum

      Shut down Safari. Double tap the home button and make sure its not running.

      Then launch Safari again and go to a site that you want to save to Evernote. Activate the web clipper.

      It should appear as a small overlay in the top right corner: http://cl.ly/image/3X3n1l0l143J

  • Patrick R. Lollis

    I got this:

    You must enable your browser to accept third-party cookies before you can proceed.

    • http://enzo12.com Lorenzo Orlando Caum

      Hi Patrick,

      Try first logging into Evernote.com before using the web clipper.

  • Tis

    A most clear, step-by-step and patient video guide! I could set up the Evernote with no frustration/anxiety! The only error I made was saving the page first as Bookmark, instead of Bookmark Bar.

    Thank you, Lorenzo!

  • Peter

    Thanks for guide. It works, except Private Browsing in settings for Safari must be OFF, unfortunately.

    • http://enzo12.com Lorenzo Orlando Caum

      I believe this is because Private Browsing prevents cookies which are needed for the bookmarklet to work with Evernote.

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  • LA

    Hi, my private browsing is off but still getting error message :

    You must enable your browser to accept third-party cookies before you can proceed.

    Any tips? Thanks

    • http://enzo12.com Lorenzo Orlando Caum

      Login to Evernote.com from your device. Then the bookmarklet should work.

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  • steve

    Alternatively, simply create the bookmarklet on your mac in safari. Enable icloud syncing of bookmarks. Done.

  • steve

    I was going to add that it’s always been easier to email clips to evernote on mobile. Add your evernote email address to your contacts. Highlight and copy something, email to evernote, paste in the clip. If you’re in Safari you can also email from the reader view, which will email the whole webpage as the body of the message without having to copy and paste.

  • Susan Lewis

    Get an Android tablet and you don’t have to do all this crap.

  • Magnus Kahlweiss

    The same with the iPhone?

  • Es

    Too difficult, shoukd be integrated (as twitter) to mob safari

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  • Xiliyuny

    Its really a good tutorial you have posted above. From this, I was able to learn some good stuff on how to use Evernote bookmarklet on my apple iPad. Thanks for making some good sense on your content.

  • Diane

    For iOS users using chrome who have been waiting for a bookmarklet, I had been copying the code from the bookmarklet I created in Safari (simply go to edit the bookmarklet once installed for Safari and select all, copy) and edit an existing bookmark previously created in chrome and past the code to the URL. This worked similar to Safari with one exception you would select the web clipper book mark in chrome in a new tab, copy that URL to the page you want to clip and wa-la, it was clipped. Suddenly today it was not working – not really sure what changed as I haven’t updated an yaps in the last 24 hours. But, I copied the code from here and created a new book mark in the same way. It works a bit different since it opens it from the online app and clips it there, but it’s actually a bit mor efficient! Hope it works for others!

  • Alanso

    This will not work with the latest iOS, what do we do now?

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